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Image is a quick single frame shot taken when the car drove past: Group- Ed, Josh, Rukon, Jahangir In this Concepts brief we were set into groups and had to select from a range of well known proverbs, creating an image which conveyed thier messages clearly to an audience.

Our group decided to focus on the 3 statements: We discussed our ideas together looking through the good and bad approaches and ways in which we could represent our concepts without having a literal or ambigious interpretation from the audience.

First metal eyelet on a shoe appeared in 1840 - before that it was always buckles. Now we have no Knot laces which act as a safety feature, preventing children and the elderly from tripping on un-tied laces benefiting also by time saving.

Lacing of shoes originated from leather bounding of the sole of a sandle from around the ankle and the top of the foot made of raw hide.

After discussing each sub topic we talked about plans to how we would implement each of these into our presentation for formative assessment.