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If you need more information about homeschooling and/or homeschooling in Wisconsin, check out the organizations below.

- is an organization dedicated to legally defending the constitutional right of parents to home educate.

In fact, GBACH respects the right of the parents in each family unit to choose whatever they deem to be an appropriate educational program for each child.

Rather, GBACH’s policy is in keeping with the advice of the Wisconsin Parents Association (WPA) and the Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), both of whom strongly recommend that homeschool associations insure that public/taxpayer funds are not used within private homeschool groups.

GBACH members can view detailed descriptions of events by clicking on "Event Info" on the horizontal task bar of the members homepage.

Athletics - Northeast Wisconsin Christian Homeschool Athletic Association (NEWCHAA) offers competitive sports to homeschooled students.

Students do not need to be members of GBACH to participate in NEWCHAA athletics.


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