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You’re not just a body that can be used for his entertainment and pleasure. You’re a human being who deserves the time and effort to be spoken to and loved for who you are — he is the one who will be missing out on the opportunity to be with someone a lot more special than most others. He’ll run away and find lots of casual sex partners of varying quality, and then one day, when he’s older, he will start craving emotional connection.But that deeper side of him will be so under-developed that he’ll stumble awkwardly through relationships and marriage.

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He may even stick around because he only likes you for you and you’re worth more to him than sexual pleasures.

He may even be willing to wait with you and for you.

Some people have bad motives and it is possible that when they meet the right person for them they will be totally kicked into touch because that individual will make them understand everything that they have rejected in the past, such as, love, companionship and emotional attachment. On the other hand, if it isn’t love from the right person that makes him see the error of his ways, then he will get his comeuppance elsewhere…maybe someone will break his heart or he will simply be run over by a car-who knows?

This can probably be the best kind because it means he isn’t fully aware of your beliefs but you can explain it to him and he can understand and will most likely respect you for it.

The only negative is that because he has never come across this belief, there is a chance he could reject it and if he stays with you there is a possibility that he will want another form of release outside of sex.