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Following the initial allocation of Medicaid patient days, any additional Medicaid permit days must be credited to a statewide pool and the days must be allocated to those counties showing the greatest need based on the average number of fully eligible Medicaid nursing facility applicants by county in the Community Long Term Care awaiting placement reports for the past twelve months.

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If a nursing home has its Medicaid patient days reduced, the freed days first must be offered to other facilities in the same county before being offered to other nursing homes in the State. Nursing home patients may not be involuntarily discharged or transferred due to the Medicaid status. (A) Based on reports from the State Department of Health and Human Services, the department shall determine each nursing home's compliance with its Medicaid nursing home permit.

The department shall analyze the performance of nursing homes that are under the permit minimum or exceed the permit maximum for a fiscal year, including utilization data from the State Department of Health and Human Services, anticipated back days, delayed payments, CLTC waiting list, and other factors considered significant by the department. If no Medicaid patients are waiting for admission to the nursing home, or if for some other reason a nursing home anticipates the possibility that the home cannot satisfy the Medicaid nursing home permit requirements, the home may request a waiver of the Medicaid permit requirements from the department. Violations of this article include: (1) a nursing home exceeding by more than five percent the number of Medicaid patient days stated in its permit; (2) the provisions of any Medicaid patient days by a home without a Medicaid nursing home permit.

Proof (a) that lodging, food or other accommodation based upon contract was obtained by false pretense or by false or fictitious show or pretense of baggage, (b) that a person absconded without paying or offering to pay for such food, lodging or other accommodation based upon contract or (c) that a person surreptitiously removed or attempted to remove his baggage shall be prima facie proof of the fraudulent intent mentioned in this section.

Any person convicted of violating the provisions of this section shall pay a fine of not more than fifty dollars or be imprisoned for not more than thirty days, in the discretion of the magistrate. '12 Section 300; 1911 (27) 150; 1917 (30) 165; 1939 (41) 115; 1940 (41) 1885.

HISTORY: 1962 Code Section 32-754; 1952 Code Section 32-754; 1942 Code Section 5148; 1932 Code Section 5148; 1931 (37) 334.