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It was either a coat covering the body from the hips or the procardium to the abdomen, supported by a band passing over one shoulder, or it even reached as far up as the neck.

Some forms of it were sleeveless while others had short and narrow or long and fairly wide sleeves. Sometimes it was wide and full, sometimes so close-fitting that it is difficult to understand how the wearer could walk.

The width of the material determined the length of the garment, so that there was only one seam.

The numerous folds were distributed at equal distances round the body.

Plate I., which dates 700 b.c., is an exact copy of an Egyptian drawing. 3 and 4 are put on over the head; the measurements given will fit a slim figure without underclothing. 2 was most probably a piece of linen of the same length as this garment but wide enough to lap about half round the figure and have a piece tucked in at the top to keep it closed.


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