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The SRM has wound field coils as in a DC motor for the stator windings.The rotor however has no magnets or coils attached.It is a solid salient-pole rotor (having projecting magnetic poles) made of soft magnetic material (often laminated-steel).

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As at any time two coils are energised, and there are more steps between positions with identical magnetisation, so the onset of missed steps occurs at higher speeds or loads.

In addition to more stable operation, this approach leads to a duty cycle of each phase of 1/2, rather than 1/3 as in the simpler sequence.

A capacitor, in either configuration, is used to suppress electrical and acoustic noise by limiting fluctuations in the supply voltage.

Un control electrónico de velocidad, ESC o speed es un electronic circuit con el propósito de cambiar la velocidad de un electric motor, su dirección y posiblemente actuar como dynamic brake.

This basic circuitry may be altered so that fewer components are required although the circuit shall perform the same action.