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As he ages he'll likely show an interest in an instrument (or three, because, indecisive), so help to nurture his interests by enthusiastically listening to his musical attempts, no matter how painful to the ear; Libras are smart, so he'll get better soon.Whoever the first woman was to give another person the shirt off her back, she was surely a Libra.

Born under the sign of the scales, Libras are known for weighing all options.

Your little one will be slow to choose whether she wants carrots or apples—she knows both are great, so how can she possibly choose?

You can read even more about it in the Astros' parenting book Momstrology.

Passionate, creative, and eternally youthful, the fire sign mom is always on the move.

Don't discourage her generous nature, just guide her toward not being so giving that she's left with nothing.


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    If you were there then 'Michael & Gerlinde's World' will, like me, stir up all sorts of emotions, if you weren't there then you need to see this book and get a sense what life was like then and how relevant the timeline of this book is in the present and into future...