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Only in severe cases of Camptodactyly does the hand function of the child may be affected.

If Camptodactyly is suspected, then the physician will do a thorough physical examination to carefully inspect the affected finger and the associated ligament and tendons.

, there are accepted patterns, causes, and treatments as noted above.

However, there can be an exceptionally unusual cause of any congenital condition which requires a different treatment approach and will change expected outcomes.

Some of the conditions that can cause Camptodactyly Jacobsen syndrome, Marfan Syndrome, Beals Syndrome, Freeman-Sheldon syndrome, Weaver syndrome, etc.

Camptodactyly is completely asymptomatic if it is mild in nature but in case if the condition is moderate to severe then there will be a visible deformity generally of the little finger where it will be bent and the child will be unable to straighten it but by no means will it hamper the functioning of the hand of the affected child.

This blog was created to demystify abnormalities of the hand and wrist that children may experience from the time of birth. is a flexion deformity of the finger, typically the small finger, and is typically caused by an imbalance between the flexors and extensors of the PIP joint.