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I portoghesi sono bianchi, c' anche la sezione portoghese su SF quindi chi su SF considera i portoghesi bianchi. Riportare un articolo tradotto da altri non significa necessariamente condividerlo al 100000% ma condividerlo in buona parte.

Spero non ci siano problemi, se si vuole parlare di nordicismo, di Kemp ecc, ci son gli appositi threads Questo articolo una spazzatura. If you don't understand english well enough please use the google translator.

This had an insignificant genetic impact on the populations because the few slaves who served in Europe were largely unable to reproduce, it was not socially acceptable to mix with them and it was forbidden by the Inquisition (in Portugal and Spain) as it was also forbidden by the Inquisition even to mix with jews or with new-christians (people mostly of jewish origin converted to christianism to avoid persecutions).

I've explained why already, see the quotation of the book Transatlantic Slavery: The Dark Passage.

We must oppose any attempt to establish e hierarchy within the white race and particularly the infamous nordicist attempt to steal our own history.


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    Slater considers all these issues in an intelligent, edgy, thought-provoking way.

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    Fragt mich, ob es immer so leer hier wre, da sei sie vom ACA mehr Kundschaft gewhnt.

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    This Rocky Mountain town comes into its own during summer, and the July 4th festivities downtown include a bike rodeo, a fun run, and a beer garden.

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