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When white women flock to Jamaica for a little fun in the sun, they are looking for Rand R often not rest and relaxation, but to rent a Rasta according to director J.

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The front has the word “KUSH” written in yellow across the green cuff.

This white wallet features an image of Bob with marijuana leaves designed throughout his dreads on the front.

These comfortable and stretchy yoga pants feature a green, gold, and red marijuana leaf pattern all around the waistband and the words STIR IT UP in white on the back.

BOB MARLEY is printed in smaller white letters on the left hip This Rasta colored beanie has yellow and green stripes with a red on black marijuana leaf pattern throughout with a black, green, yellow, and red colored pom on top.

This Granddaddy Purple zip hoodie has a design as trippy as the cannabis strain it represents. The back of the hoodie features a granddad smoking with “Granddaddy Purple” and green pot leaves around him.


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