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It seems Brock did not learn to respect and treasure women. I believe our children are brilliant and, when helped with effective parental guidance, can make effective, smart choices if and when they face a difficult situation. I talk to my boys candidly about drinking, drunk driving, sex, STDs, unwanted pregnancy, and death resulting from bad choices that could have been prevented.I do not hold back; I use real-life examples to make strong points.

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Meanwhile, we welcome your arguments against, and you can submit them to me in real-time, so be sure to tune in! I invited the president, Barack Obama, and three of my friends.” So: How many people did I invite? I've heard this example a hundred times (usually with Ayn Rand in place of Stalin, tho) and it's always cited as proof that you MUST use the Oxford comma. Using the Oxford comma has created structural ambiguity instead of reducing it. If a publication wants to insist on always using the comma or never using it, that is their right (editors gonna edit), but there will always be cases like the two above where mandating one style might trip a reader up for a moment. Puffing yourself up about the Oxford comma, even for funsies, implicates you in systems of racist bullshit that you probably didn't wake up this morning hoping to empower. Loving parents hope their children will be successful in defending themselves. pepper spray, whistles, or a weapon) were the answer to rape prevention. It is also important to teach our children that while there may be a time to fight, it is equally important to learn when to run if able, or when to remain still and quiet to survive to tell your story, even if you wished to die during the fight. Victims and their parents are usually only left with choice in how to respond to—and survive— the reality that they are now part of the unfortunate one-in-six statistic.

While we wait, here are four arguments submitted by readers already. If the correct answer is five (which it is, because I invited the president of something other than the United States), that means that the Oxford comma created confusion that could have been avoided if I'd omitted it. So I dedicated a book to “my boyfriend, the President, and Yoko Ono". If the goal is clarity, allowing a free choice would be ever so slightly better. I also pray his daughter is successful if the time ever comes to use karate. (And as noted by other readers, the perpetrator isn’t always a stranger.) And if she is successful, still wrap her in comfort; she'll need it because she is a survivor of attempted rape.

In an open letter to the victim in the Stanford case posted by Buzz Feed, Vice President Biden writes, “I join your global chorus of supporters, because we can never say enough to survivors: I believe you. Instead of asking: Why did he think he had license to rape?

It is not your fault.” He continues: What you endured is never, never, never, NEVER a woman’s fault. In response to our callout, several parents of teenage boys wrote in, sharing their experiences—and offering their best advice for others. First up is Donald White, the father of two boys, who responds to Juleyka:.

Every time my boys go to a party, even if nearby, I look at them and say, “Be smart.” I tell my boys I love them often.


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