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The South Slavs ("Sklavenoi") began raiding Byzantine territories in the 520s and had conquered Durrës and most of Epirus and Macedonia in 548. 913–959) the early Serbs lived in the former Roman provinces of Dalmatia, Praevalitana and Moesia. 927-960), most of Albania was part of Bulgaria (eastern) and the Byzantine Empire (Dyrrhachium (theme), western maritime).

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In the east of the Shkodra lake there were Serb enclaves, also attested in place-names: Zlogora, Brezje, Grnčar, Podgor, Kosmač, Gradič, Dobre, Trnoslav, Gradec, Rumište, Maličevo, Kosovo, Brdence, Poljičani, Popine, and the village Srbin and city of Šklav.

Montenegrins and Serbs began migrating to Vraka in the late 17th century.

The community is bilingual and by majority adhere to Eastern Orthodoxy, while a minority professes Islam.

According to the Serbian Ministry of Diaspora in 2009, the most vulnerable minority of Europe were the Serbs in Albania, who since Communist Albania have not had their right to the use of the Serbian language or the religious orientation (Serbian Orthodox).

In the late Ottoman period, the French consul of Shkoder noted the sentiments of the people of Vraka wanting to be united with Montenegro, though this was not achievable due to the distance of Vraka from the then border.


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